Joanne Burns and Paul Kinta


How one recommendation helped change the lives of 17 children.

Karen and Ian Newby, from Runcorn, have been foster carers for 11 years and have cared for 16 young people. Thanks to their one recommendation they’ve helped a further 17 young people. Karen and Ian recommended Fostering Solutions to Joanne and Paul seven years ago at a family party, back then they didn’t realise how many children their one recommendation would help.

Karen said: “I bumped into old friends, Paul and Joanne, at a party I had taken my foster children to. We got to chatting about the kids and what I do. They seemed really interested so I recommended them to Fostering Solutions. It's so wonderful to know that one recommendation has gone on to help a further 17 children. You don’t think of it that way when you recommend Fostering Solutions, you just think you’re helping people out but really you need to look at the bigger picture.”

Thanks to Karen, Joanne Burns and Paul Kinta have been carers with Fostering Solutions since 2010. They’ve gone on to extend their family and fostering family by recommending both Joanne and Paul’s sisters.

Paul said; “When we saw Karen with her foster children, we were taken aback. Seeing first-hand what normal children they were and how much she had helped them made us well up! It was at this moment that we knew that this was something we could do too. Joanne and I had spoken about fostering before but didn’t know which agency to go with, or what route to take. When we were chatting to Karen she recommended Fostering Solutions and we’ve never looked back. The process was quick and we felt so comfortable throughout.

“I then recommended my sister, Yvonne, and her husband Travis. Yvonne worked in a pub, and Travis in business - they’d always said ‘we can’t do this forever’. It was after we’d all been on holiday together and they’d seen us fostering first-hand that they decided they could do it too. I recommended Fostering Solutions to them and that was it…

“We didn’t stop there as we then went on to recommend Joanne’s sister, Julia. It’s really great to have the whole family involved. We can support and help each other and having people around who can relate to what we do as foster carers really helps us.

I recommend Fostering Solutions to anyone who asks me about fostering, you can’t force someone to be interested, but you can tell when people genuinely are when they ask you questions and show an interest in what you do as a foster carer.”

“The process is easy and the thank you payment is made along with your usual carer payments – it’s all so simple; so if you can recommend someone, you should!”

Yvonne Kinta and Travis Walker, Paul’s sister and brother-in-law, have been foster carers with Fostering Solutions since 2015. They were both tired of working everyday jobs and wanted to do something that provided more job satisfaction.

Travis said: “I had a good job that paid good money but I was doing the same thing over and over again, day in day out and there was no job satisfaction. I wasn’t helping anyone and I didn’t want to live a mundane life. We always wanted children but as we met each other later in life we were a bit old to have our own.

“We didn’t know much about fostering and it wasn’t until we went on a caravanning holiday with Paul and Joanne that we found out more about what it involves. We knew that fostering was something we could do, I’d always loved kids and they seemed to take to me quite well too. After Paul told us more about Fostering Solutions we decided to apply. He told us about the support that was provided and it didn’t take us long to realise we’d picked the best agency for us.

“I was working full-time whilst we were going through the process. It took about four months from start to finish, which just shows how quickly you can start changing children’s lives by making a recommendation.

“Since becoming a foster carer I’ve gone on the recommend my sister. Initially she was considering adopting but I said ‘why help one child when you can help several?’ Now I know the ins and outs of fostering I recommend fostering and Fostering Solutions to whoever and whenever I can.

“The Recommend a Friend scheme is a great way to expand your support network and help even more children.”

By recommending a friend or family member you can help us change even more lives, so if you know somebody who is interested in fostering our Recommend a Friend scheme is a great way to introduce them to us. Our dedicated Recommendations Team will help them decide if fostering is right for them, and as a thank you, we’ll give you up to £1,000 for each referral you make. Call us on 01204 895814 or visit to make your recommendation.

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