Peter and Yuliyana Stillmank Wright

from Derbyshire



Derbyshire based carers, Peter and Yuliyana Stillmank Wright, have only one regret about their fostering career - they wish they’d started it earlier.

They’ve been parenting siblings since being approved to foster five years ago and as Yuliyana, 52, explains, they hope the boys will stay with them until adulthood.

As she says: “The children came to us because their mum was struggling to cope, they also have three younger siblings who have since been adopted.

“We were able to offer them a home and a family life with us and five years on, we are all doing really well and we hope they’ll be with us for a long time yet.”

The couple made the decision to become foster carers in 2010, after Yuliyana met looked after children during her work as a special needs teacher.

As she says: “We have three children of our own, so we were used to having a big family and lots of people around.

“So as they grew up we thought it might time to pursue our dream of becoming foster carers.

“Through my work I met some young boys who were being fostered and realised how important it was.

“We applied in 2010 and were approved in 2011 and the whole process was quite smooth. Fostering Solutions seemed very responsive and supportive.

“We are approved for long-term, respite and emergency placements and we have had a combination of all three.

“The long-term has been most fulfilling. When the boys arrived they were so shy, they never made eye contact and had learning difficulties that hadn’t been recognised.

“Now they are thriving. They are confident and chatty and being supported properly at school.

“We’ve been there to help them achieve some real firsts, including their first holiday and for us it has been really fulfilling.

“It has changed us, as adults, too. I feel we have gained confidence and become more patient and understanding."

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