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Who are Fostering Solutions?

Fostering Solutions is one of the country’s leading independent fostering agencies. We have an outstanding team of carers and staff, and together we provide the highest quality care for over a thousand foster children.

We have local fostering offices across the country, so we can guide and support all our foster carers, wherever they are. At each office you’ll find a friendly, professional and understanding support team made up of social workers, psychologists and strong carer support networks. In short, people who can share their experiences with you.

We think of ourselves as the people who care for the carers and we want foster care to be a genuinely rewarding experience for you. So it’s our job to equip you with everything you need to be a foster carer, including exceptional support and training. We know that only if you’re fully supported and knowledgeable, will you be able to offer children and youngsters in your care the very best chance of a happier future.

Fostering Solutions, along with fellow fostering organisations Pathway Care and Heath Farm, is proud to be part of NFA group, which is the UK’s leading independent provider of specialist education, foster and residential care for vulnerable and hard to reach children.

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