Step-down foster care

As a step-down foster carer, you will provide vital support for children and young people making the transition from residential care to a foster family environment. Sadly, it’s often the case that those in care have come from a neglectful background. So we combine both high quality care and clinical psychology to give children with challenging pasts the opportunity to progress and grow up in a stable family home environment, just like any other children of their age.


Why should I consider being a step down foster carer?

An uncertain childhood can leave children with both behavioural and emotional problems, which means they are in need of a specialist level of care. But without the right fostering placements, some children have no choice but to stay in a residential care home, meaning they won’t benefit from the support and stability of foster care.

And this is where you come in. We’ll be frank, this kind of care can be intense and challenging. But the reward comes from being the person who can offer a sense of security and stability during what can sometimes be a difficult transition and quite a huge period of change. Of course, we’re on hand to support you, with training and advice and expert knowledge from child psychology experts.

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