Sibling groups foster care

Being separated from a sibling can be devastating for children who need foster care. At a time when they need stability and security, to tear a child from their brother or sister can cause distress and severely impact their mental health. However, we simply don’t have enough foster carers who are willing to take on siblings, which sadly means over a third are forced apart. That’s why we need your help.


Why should I consider fostering sibling groups?

It’s already traumatic enough for children in care to be separated from their parents, so we like to do everything we can to keep them together with their sibling. Especially as we know how much easier it is for children to readjust to a new home and rebuild their life if they don’t feel completely alone, and instead have that unique support only their family can give.

Our foster carers also tell us that they have really good relationships with sibling groups, and it’s easy to see why. With the familiarity to help them adjust, the bond between them and their carer is much stronger, which in turn creates a loving and stable home environment. We are very much in need of foster carers who are willing to look after siblings. Could you help?

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