Remand foster care

Young people can end up in the criminal justice system and need a foster placement while waiting for their court date. It goes without saying that this can be a very stressful time for any young person. So as a remand foster carer, you will offer support and encouragement without discrimination during what may be, a turbulent time.


Why should I consider remand fostering?

Many young people find being with foster carers a lot less stressful than custody placements or secure accommodation, as you are providing a more supportive and nurturing environment. And this of course can help steer them away from a pattern of repeat offending.

We know how tough this type of care can be, and it can require a lot of patience. But we will work closely with you, providing specialist training as well as giving you the support of local Youth Offending Teams, psychologists and social workers. You will never feel as though you are facing the challenges of remand fostering alone. And that can only mean the best outcome for the children in your care.

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