Emergency foster care

As the name suggests, this kind of fostering is unpredictable and intensive. Sometimes we need to act quickly to make sure a child is safe, secure and protected. So you need to be on stand-by during evenings and weekends to look after a child who urgently needed somewhere to stay.


Why should I consider emergency foster caring?

You would be providing a truly remarkable service as an emergency foster carer, because children who need such urgent help are often extremely vulnerable and distressed.

As well as this, your role may be more transitional than other foster care roles, because sometimes we may need you to step in to help for very short periods of time while a child’s placement is still being decided.

Emergency foster care is a great way to develop your ability and skills, because the role is fast-paced and varied. We’ll need you to look after many children, from all backgrounds and circumstances. Sometimes they need you for a day, sometimes a week, or a few months. It all depends on the needs of the child, and we’ll be honest, that can make it demanding. But we provide full training and support every step of the way.

Carers are often on call and are paid a weekly retainer for this. Our financial support section provides more information.

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